Monthly Archives: April 2008

Two Seconds?!

I took a final shakedown for the Radical out at IMI this Friday, to make sure all of the remaining issues are
sorted out. No leaks, no issues, car is great!

I put the laptimer beacon out for the first time, and recorded a new personal best of 52.90 at IMI – an improvement
of nearly two full seconds over my best *ever* with the R1. This was on year old R35’s, racetrack gearing, and
so on, whereas the previous 54.90 was with 13/50 solo gearing, R25’s, and softer solo springs.

With the combination
of the engine, setup, and driver, the car seems to be faster than ever. I am really hoping this translates
to about two seconds or so at La Junta!

In addition, the Paradigm paddle shifter is now working perfectly – zero missed shifts all day, and the clutch
actuator for downshifts is really, really great. I plan on using this for the race at La Junta, it really is working

Engine Conversion Done!

Rilltech called me on Thursday, which meant I finally had the last of the parts to finish the engine conversion Wahoo!

Friday Grant and I headed out to IMI to shake the car down. I spent Friday morning going over my checklists, making sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. I aligned the car, loaded everything up, and headed down.

As for the motor: Great! It’s not the huge increase in horsepower I was expecting, but still, it was much, much quicker than the Yamaha. Especially its response coming off of corners was much crisper than before. Essentially, I am extremely happy with the conversion – awesome!

I didn’t have my laptimer beacon out, but Grant thought he had me by hand at 54.3, which would be a new personal best by a large margin if correct. This is even on a non-IMI optimized setup, year-old tires, and heck, a brand new engine!

Only a few small issues to contend with. Leaked some water out of the cap on the t-stat housing. I’ve had Grant weld that shut in the mean time – done and done. Looks like I may have not let the engine warm up 100% a few times when heading out, since there was some oil weeping from some spots, which I will keep an eye on with my next test session this coming week.



I took an opportunity on this outing to test the latest revisions to the Paradigm paddle shifter setup. Improvements include a small electronic brainbox, a larger diameter actuator with more oomph, and a new wiring harness/switch setup. Unrelated to the system, the shift linkage with the Hayabusa is also just the direct rod back to the transmission, rather
than the R1’s more complex “lever” setup.

The result is great – the shifting was fantastic. Everything was very smooth – quite impressive. Downshifts were 100% as well.

Next time out we’ll try the clutch actuator in the system, as well as a couple new revs of brainbox that Paradigm will be sending to get the absolute smoothest shifts possible. Very encouraging!