Monthly Archives: November 2008

Winter Project Progress

I’ve reached that early winter state where the initial flurry of activity has subsided,
and half of the car’s parts are scattered around the country for various gurus
to work their arcane magic. Here’s what’s on the list:

  • Hubs and Bearings – Chief among the problems I’m worried about is the state of the hubs/bearings/uprights. During the last race of our season (my first in the car), I had a very soft pedal, which Wayne@Stohr diagnosed for me as pad knockback.

    So, all the bits are at Doug Learned at Fast Forward Components in California, and he’s going to see what can be salvaged for update. Later cars all came with Atlantic bearings in the rear, steel sleeved uprights for the bearing, and a new hub design. Yeowtch. $. $$.

  • Freshened Shocks – The Penske 2000’s are off to Joe Stimola for a refreshing. They take a special tool to disassemble, which my local guy Mike Leary (Leary’s Shock Shop) didn’t have.  Joe says he hasn’t seen them in 2-3 years, so they could use it. Both fronts were leaking, so this will make sure those are up to snuff.
  • Raised Springrates – A good conversation with Wayne at Stohr Cars indicated that the current thinking for these cars is to run around 1200# front, and somewhere between 1200-1500# rear, depending on what you like the car to do in slow corners. I found some 1150# and 1250 2″ Hyperco springs for $50/each, so I’ll put those on and run those for a while.
  • Harness and Harness Bar – As I mentioned below, the Willans harnesses expire at the end of the year, so I need new ones. Among the issues with the 1st gen Stohr is that the belts were mounted too wide for proper HANS usage. Phil made a bracket-thingie to try and move them closer together in my car, but it’s frankly a bit scary.

    To replace this, West is sending me one of their bolt-on harness bars, along with a new
    Schroth “HANS Formula-II” style belt. The loop-around adjusters will go on the harness bar, which puts the belts the proper distance apart, and that should help me get fitted with the HANS in the car properly. The P/N is 25083, and as an FIA harness, is good for 5 years – lower annual cost versus SFI belts.

  • Composites/Repairs – Four projects remain that I need composites help with, which means wheedling time from Grant. The first is some minor repair to the front diffuser – an aluminum closeoff plate and filling some holes from “the off”. Next is modifying the oil cooler duct to duct air to the entire cooler, not just the outer 2/3 of it. Third is repairs to the leading edge of the floor, also from “the off”, and lastly, modifications to the seat to see if we can recline me a bit, and fill in the gaps and loose spots.
  • Misc – Of course there’s some little stuff, like getting the no-lift shift box working, trying to get the radio setup completed, airbox ducting, some cheapo scales, installing the dive planes on my spare nose, and so on.