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Happy New Year

2009 is upon us, and I’m glad for it. December was a particularly long and dark month, with a combination of various illnesses keeping me from doing much with the car. Lots of parts were out-and-away for service anyway, so 2009 is bringing both improved health, and new jobs to do. A lot of the things I wrote about in early November are handled, and are done now, or will be shortly once the parts arrive. Here’s the latest:

  • Uprights, Hubs and Bearings – My existing parts couldn’t be updated to the new style bearing, due to how much material was taken out of them when they were built. Fortunately, a WF-1 owner, Mike Scully, offered to sell me his lightly used uprights for a fair price. So, his uprights will be on my car around the middle of February.

    According to Stohr, the only change in geometry of these parts versus my 1st-gen parts is the location of the upper control arm stud, which is further back – more caster is built into them. They say simply asjusting the rod-ends on the upper A-arm will get me where I need to be – with the upright essentially perpendicular to the ground.

  • Floating Brake Rotors + Hats – When he saw my rotors, Doug Learned said I should
    be fairly nervous about racing on them. A similar thread on ApexSpeed convinced me, so I ordered a set of floating rotors from Stohr.

    All well and good, but the new rotors and bobbins are made for 1/4″ fasteners, and my hats were drilled for 5/16″ fasteners. Not a problem, since they had had bushings made for this reason, but they had just six left, and nobody would make any more for a reasonable price. So, I bit the bullet and ordered 4 new hats to go with the new rotors.

    I guess now I well and truly do have an entire corner’s worth of spares – brake disk, caliper, upright, and control arms. I think the only thing I don’t have in duplicate is the shocks!

    On the upside, the new uprights, plus the floating rotors should make for a ROCKIN brake pedal. Also, to finally satisfy my curiosity, I bought a set of Polymatrix A brake pads. After having used Hawks on both the Radical and the Stohr, I’m curious to see if these pads have a bit more feel, or bite, or something than the Hawks, or if I’m simply not good enough to tell…or if the brakes are so good that it doesn’t matter anyway.

  • Header Coating – I sent the headers off to Jet-Hot to be coated with their Jet-Hot “Extreme Sterling” coating, which claims to be good up to 1700*. As it turns out, so did Pat, as he tries to solve his overheating issues. We will see how well it lasts. I chose that for the temperature rating, and that it is supposedly a much better thermal barrier than their Jet-Hot 2000 coating. If it does not stand up, the JH-2000 will be the only option.
  • Splash Guards – David and Ellen Ferguson upgraded their car to WF-1 spec, so he was kind enough to give me his nice old metal splashguards. I’ve modified those to fit my
    car. They look a bit nicer, and should prevent more rock-spray onto the coolers than the nasty chicken-wire concotions were doing.
  • Repaired Floor – With Grant Barclay’s help (read: me doing grunt work and him doing the delicate stuff), we repaired a slightly crunched section on the front of the floor. The repairs seem to be nice and strong, so that is good. The floor is reinstalled, and I am busily reassembling the car now.
  • Oil Cooler Duct – My car has the West style oil cooler duct, which is made for the ~44 row cooler they use on their cars. At Pueblo, this still resulted in around 230-240* oil temps on a non-hot day. I expanded the duct out to duct entirely to the full 50 rows of the 3-pass cooler that Rilltech got for me (Setrab), plus moving the cooler over a bit. The result is that now 100% of the cooler is in the airflow, instead of around 60%, so this should help cool down the oil.
  • Intake Project – my intake-ducting project for the GSX-R airbox is coming along. I made some templates of the intake openings out of .090 aluminum, mounted them to the
    airbox, and cut a 3″ hole in them for the hose ducting. I think I’ve got the various angles
    figured out to let the ducting fit around the chassis bars, so will have Grant tack one
    up for me this coming week. A 6×4″ brake duct from Pegasus, cut down to approx 4×3, fits
    nicely in the scoops, and I will mount those to the headrest so they’ll stay in place when the back deck comes off.

    There is some thought that this, may help reduce under-body airpressure, also
    helping air evacuate through the heat exchangers. However, by sealing off the underbody, this is part of what prompted me to coat the headers, until I can duct a bit of air into the underbody, if it proves necessary.

  • Misc Else
    • The shocks are back from Joe Stimola at SRP, and are on the car ready to go, along with the new 1150/1250 springrates.
    • I wired up the no-lift box inline with the wiring for the coils, so I’ll be able to test that functionality first time out to the kart track as well.

    Still To Do:

  • Still on the list:
    • Fixing the seat once the car is on the ground, covering it, seat angle,
      whatever it is.
    • The noses are back from Don’s Body Shop (thanks Pat!), so I’ll reinstall the various louvers and ducts on those.
    • Installing the new harnesses, harness bar (which needs modification) and so on.