Monthly Archives: July 2009


I don’t quite believe it myself, but yet another engine has eaten itself in the Stohr. After running the race at HPR, the race at PPIR, and a test day at HPR, it ate itself after about ten laps on the Friday practice day before the July 4th national…game over.

Not a terribly exciting video, other than that I was having a ball chasing the other Stohrs.

Sooooooo, I get to play engine rebuild again. The plan this time is to put in an eBay stocker with the wet sump pan, and all new lines, fittings, etc. Putting a new cooler in, a standard Setrab 650 with outlets on the same side, so as to reduce line length as much as possible. One test will be to see if the car will still stay as cool as it needs to with the less sophisticated oil cooler.

The old oil cooler is going back to get cleaned again, and I will use it in conjunction with a dry sump system being developed by BRD, the outfit that built the dry sumps for the West WR1000 Kawasakis. This should help the car run cooler, gain in horsepower, and most importantly, keep the damn engines in one piece.

Aero Updates

To early to say for sure, quite yet, but it looks like a WF-1 diffuser and bi-plane rear wing configuration are on their way from a fellow updating to the Dauntless parts, so this little car should be pretty damn fast once those are in place. My initial times comparing to Chris Farrell at HPR were closer than I had hoped/feared, so adding these should really put me in a respectable spot for Runoffs, if I can get myself qualified.