Monthly Archives: February 2010

Anybody Home?

Wellllllll, it’s been a long winter of doing a fat lot of nuthin’ on the race car. Mostly, trying to make up for a, uh, “complicated” 2009 season.

Fortunately March is just around the corner, which means everybody’s getting ansy, and it’s time to start thinking about race cars again!

Infrastructure Improvements

Despite having served well for 5 seasons of running, my trusty combo of a 2500 Avalanche and a 7×20 Pace trailer were reaching the end of their run. The Avy had a
t-case that was getting ready to fall out of the car, and the 7×20 trailer was packed to the gills even for just local events. Obviously, I needed a bigger trailer, and ideally,
a bigger truck to pull it with.

Soooo, a bit of searching and trading later, and operating on the “if more is better, excess must be great!” principle, I’ve replaced the Avy with a 2005 GMC Sierra 3500 dually,
with GM’s Duramax motor. Awesomeness. It pulls wonderfully, gets better mileage than the Av, even pulling a trailer that’s 40% longer, 30% heavier, and has 42% more frontal area.

Second, I sold the nice li’l ol 20×7 Conquest, and bought a used 28×8.5 Shadow GT, to make sure that room won’t be a problem for a while to come. The new trailer pulls great, has
some spiffy cabinets, and fits all my stuff just great. So, we’re now ready for the upcoming season!


Time for some fun parts! To recap the history of this project, I began the 2009 season with a standard WF-1 rear wing. Halfway through, I acquired the front diffuser and
rear wing from Mark Jaremko’s 2008 WF-1, which included a Dauntless Racing prototype lower element, and a WF-1 upper element. By chance, I also acquired a Dauntless flap element
as a “refurbished” part. That prototype wing support was beginning to fail, so in a truly stand-up piece of business, Stan at Dauntless offered to replace the wing support for me.

A few months later, and the new wing support has arrived, and along with the prototype main element and refurb-flap, I’ve been able to construct myself a “poor man’s” rear
wing configuration, for much less than a new configuration from Stohr or Dauntless. I can’t wait to do some testing and see how it works out!