Monthly Archives: March 2010

Endwinter Update

Time for some more interesting updates, now that winter is on its last legs.

Wing Project, Continued

I headed out to the IMI Karting facility today to shake down the car a bit. Fortunately, no major dramas, leaks, problems etc. Just a few things that needed
snugging up here and there, and off we go. Good stuff.

Among the things that needed snugging up were my presto-fixit epoxy of the swan neck to the mainplane, which holds the flap’s slot gap to the mainplane. That broke

on the very first run, so I will have to re-epoxy, and this time reinforce with a couple of poprivets. That’ll take care o’ that.

What this also means is the first shots with the bodywork on the car, and the wing fully in place. We’ll see how it all works! Right now, it sure looks loooowwww,
but the proof will be in the downforce, drag, and laptimes at HPR in week’s time. Here’s hoping for the best.

Wider is Better

Late last year, Lawrence Loshak started experimenting with a wider front tire for the car, a 20×9.5×13 Goodyear. This started out as an FA tire in R175 compound, but never
worked all that well for us DSR’s. Evidently, it has a new construction, and R160 compound, and now works *great* for us. I’ve got my paws on a set, and am going to be
trying them in the upcoming weeks.

They are ~1.4″ wider, and a few tenths of an inch taller than the 20×8 Goodyear. The extra width, along with different shape/construction, should mean an end to the blistering
that some folks have had at some tracks, and, my hope is that it will lead to a more consistent car over a race distance – in the past, barrin the last few races – the had always
seemed to go off towards understeer towards the end of the race. With luck, this tire will keep it the same all the way through.

I’m looking forward to seeing what changes need to be made to get the tire to work ideally. Back when I moved from the Hoosier 20×7 to 20×7.5 (1″+ diff) on the Radical, it took
some fairly healthy setup changes to even the car out again. Hooray for front grip! Looks like a little Acura LMP1, doesn’t it?

It’s worth noting that at this point, at least with my 1g bodywork, I had to limit the steering angle pretty significantly using spacers (Titan Spacers from Pegasus, since it’s a Titan teering rack), so the max angle is now as pictured. Reviewing my video from the past year, my left hand never passes 11-o’clock, and the angle available seems to be about 2-o-clock, so that seems to still be enough margin for manuevering. If needed, I’ll take a spacer out and risk rubbing bodywork in the event of an emergency correction or evasion. Some testing in the upcoming month should make that path more clear.