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Denver Auto Show

Every year for the last few years, the SCCA has had a booth at the Denver Auto Show. This year I got to bring the Stohr as one of the display cars, and having the car there was a real treat. Lookit me getting to be in an auto show like the big boys!

Here’s a few samples:

Initial Dauntless Tests

We headed out to HPR for a test day at the end of March briefly, to try and get some laps in with the new rear wing configuration. My Dauntless setup is a hybrid of sorts,
using a one-off mainplane that they did for Mark Jaremko back in 2008, and the flap from their standard kit mounted above it. The previous season, I had that mainplane low-mounted, similar to the Stohr bi-plane setup, with the standard WF-1 element mounted above. This season’s configuration is much more like the usual Dauntless configuration, with the upper WF-1 element gone, and just the two lower wing elements.

We started with the mainplane at about 2*, and the flap at about 15* relative to the mainplane. The basic test was to try and get drag back to where it was with the previous
configuration, and see where downforce was. We were able to do 3 sessions, dropping the main wing to first 0*, then -1.5*, and then -2.4*, basically minimizing the mainplane angle.
The adjustment seemed pretty linear. Each adjustment picked up approximately 1mph, even as the day warmed up, and by the last session, top speed was at or above where it was at the end of last season. Downforce definitely decreased as I decreased the wing angle as well.

Next time out we’ll continue playing with the mainplane angle to try and get a decent balance of downforce, and once it’s close, we’ll start playing with the flap angle. Thus far,
from having talked to folks, it seems that the flap adjustment is a fairly coarse adjustment as well, so that should go a healthy way towards determining downforce balance.

Test day coming up next week, so it’ll be time to try out the wing again, time to try the wide fronts, and time to finally have some fun chasing some other DSR’s around HPR!