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Riding Side-Cell

Riding Side-Cell

One of the updates that I’ve mentioned below is to convert to the side-fill cell in my car. Part of the reason is to get rid of the scary fuel-neck-right-by-headers thing, but also to replace the worn-out, slightly burned, and generally nasty cell that was in the car before.

The new cell arrived from Stohr, and it weighs exactly 10.0#, with the collector, and fuel pump inside. So, with the new fuel neck and fill plate, looks like this will be a wash
or even a few pounds gain from the conversion. Durnit.

I took measurements of the old cell versus the new cell. The new one is a traditional wedge shape, wider than the old cell, and without the top “neck” portion:


width height length @ Base length @ Top angle capacity
New: 18.75″ 10″ 14″ 7.5″ 60* 1400 + 600 cu/in = 8.7 gallons
Old: 16.5″ 9.5″ 13.25″ 60* 1250 + 400 cu/in = 7.2 gallons
Old (Neck) 5.5″ 7.5″ 8.0″ 3.5″ 60* 145+95 cu/in = 1.02 gallons


So, it looks like the old cell had somewhat more capacity than the new one, about 8.2 gallons versus 7.7 or so.

Further, there is 15.5″ from the floor to the bottom of the studs where the harnesses used to mount. It looks like approx 5.5″ is the minimum surface area for the plate to mount the filler, return, feed, and power bungs.

More Weight

Few more misc weights as things come off the car – mostly for my own recordkeeping than anything.

  • Axles: 7# each (lightened Taylor Volkswagen-style CV’s
  • Video System: ~2#. (PDR100, SS1000, Camera)
  • Hoosier (F): 13.3#
  • Hoosier (R): 13.9#
  • Kodiak (F):
  • Kodiak (R): 9.9#
  • Jong (F): 8.8#
  • Jong (R): 9.0#
  • Goodyear (F): 9.5# (published) (11.0# measured)
  • Goodyear (R): 14.0# (published)
  • Full Setrab 650 Oil Cooler: 8.8#
  • Empty Setrab 650 Oil Cooler:
  • Fire Bottle: 8.2#
  • LifeLine “Zero0” FIA System: 5.5#
  • Brembo Brake Upgrade (-3.5# per corner) ($7,500!)

Note in particular the Goodyear front tire is supposedly nearly two pounds lighter per tire, according to published specs (which I’ll verify when I get some more new ones…). Also, the Jongs being about 1 pound lighter apeice, it appears that I can have the car nearly 8 pounds lighter than its Runoffs configuration, simply by changing the running gear.

Oil Cooling

I’ve been speaking some with a fellow from down in New Zealand, who says they’ve been using water-to-oil style coolers on their cars with very good results, enough so that they’re
having trouble getting the oil warm enough. Fairly small 8″ or so long coolers are working well for their turbo ‘busa and ZX-12 engines!

I called Devon Zorman at CR Radiators, since he made a custom radiator for my car. As a comparative basis, he said that the 50-row Setrab that most of us use is rated at 56K-78K BTU of heat rejection per hour. A similar-sized oil-to-water cooler is their 10-plate cooler, which is rated at 70K BTU per hour. Such a cooler weighs in at 5.5# dry, holds perhaps a quart of oil, and maybe a pint of water (i.e. almost no water). Comparatively, the Setrab 50-row, full of oil (since I have a 3-pass full of oil sitting in my shop, weighs in at 8.8 pounds. Such a cooler is typically used on their 600hp late models, which is certainly consistent with the very high oil cooling loads we seem to have in these cars.