Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Beginnings

Once again I find myself embarking on a new race car project. This time we’re starting a bit differently, with a car that is largely competitive from the get-go,┬árather than being a problem-child that needs lots of attention while gradually being brought up to speed.

Differences between the F1000 and the DSR should be interesting, especially as I’ll be taking a step backwards speed-wise for the first time in my racing career. That said,
it doesn’t seem to be much of a step backwards, as stock-for-stock, the F1000’s are QUITE close to my best DSR times already, and with further development, it seems that they will
continue to get faster. The wider track width helps everywhere for the F1000, and as the aero improves more and more, I would expect that the new car will probably be right
at the 1:40 mark at HPR just like my old car was.

Similarly, Brandon Dixon’s pole time this year of a 2:06.x at Road America is very similar to the 2:06 that I set in 2010 with my stock-engined car, so it seems a realistic expectation
that the new car will feel a lot like the old one, and turn very similar overall lap times. I cannot wait to find out!


Moving On…

All good things come to an end it, and such it would seem with this Stohr DSR. After a final few winter fixes and cleanups, it will be headed down to Australia to compete. In just a few
weeks time, it will be dropped off for crating, and from there down below the equator.

Been a pretty amazing run with this car, and it’s very bittersweet to see it go. It’s funny to see that when I sold the Radical, I remarked that it was unlikely this car would see me through
as many milestones as the Radical had, but 3 years later, with a slew of wins, some track records, a June Sprints win, and a Runoffs Podium, it’s clear that this car treated me just
as well as the Radical did.

One hopes that the new Formula 1000 will do the same. To the new owner, I hope you enjoy this car as much as I have.

And now, onward to a new adventure of open wheels and pro series racing. Wish me luck!