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A-Running we will go

A-Running We will go

Having completed an entirely uneventful weekend at our local “Hyatt’s Riot” event here in Colorado, I’m now all qualified for the 2012 Runoffs. Elkhart Lake, here we come!

On AiM Dashes

Thought I would pass along a word about AiM dashes for those that are reading. I’ve been getting by with an AiM MyChron 3, which David and Ellen Ferguson at
Veracity Racing Data were kind enough to supply, while we waited for the AiM MXL Dash to be complete.

now living happily under the cowl of my Stohr is that same MXL Dash, which is an MXL display powered by the EVO 4 logger. The combination is an excellent one – the 3-axis
sensor and GPS readings from the EVO4 all nice and built-in, along with the large display, large LED’s, and general readability of the MXL. I’m a super happy camper now that
I’ve got my MXL back, and life is good. So, for those of you soldiering on with a MyChron or similar, grab an MXL dash if you are dissatisfied, you’ll like it.