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2012 Good Guy List Update

While putting together my 2013 schedule and going through a sponsorship proposal, it occurred to me how many different vendors are involved in helping me keep going in racing. I thought it appropriate to call out a few that have really been helpful. It takes a while of being in the game to find the folks that are really good at what they do, and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s to find folks that are good at what they do, and follow their advice.

Here are the vendors that have really helped me out, and in some cases have really become, as the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band would put it “Partners, Brothers, and Friends.

I think these vendors, and people, are worth your racing dollars, and hopefully they will help you too.

  • Stohr Cars (Wayne & Roxanne) – I send a LOT of questions to Wayne and Roxanne at Stohr. As a guy who hasn’t grown up with this stuff, I have a lot of questions,
    and they have always been very friendly and fair with me. I enjoyed the DSR, and have enjoyed the F1000 too. For anybody on the fence, owning a Stohr is a good experience when you can
    pick up the phone and get help from Stohr with zero trouble.
  • GDRE (George Dean) – What else can any of us say about the helpfulness and integrity of Mr. Dean? George helped me for months before
    I ever even sent him a penny, and he’s been fantastic since I began sending engines up to Seattle. Send your engines to George!
  • Hoosier (Jeff Speer, Tim/Terry Gilvin) – If you’ve been reading this blog over the past few years, you’ll know I really like Hoosier’s formula car
    tires. Jeff always answers my e-mails when I send questions, and Terry Gilvin gave me some crucial last-minute advice that really made my Runoffs race this year. Thanks guys.
  • Hypercoils (Kelly Falls) – I was lucky enough to meet the guys from Hyperco when they were developing their new Carbon Bellows Springs. Kelly Falls and Mark Campbell
    are extremely friendly and knowledgeable guys, and true racing fans. There are a lot of places to get springs out there, but I’ll buy Hypercoils from now on just for the positivity and support that those guys have. You should too.
  • Jongbloed (Ryan Dettling) – Jongbloed makes a great product. After seeing how bad customer service can be with the #(@*@ Kodiak wheels,
    having a good product made on time and with good support like Ryan provides is really a breath of fresh air.
  • (Erron Spalsbury) – Erron and I go way back as former buds in SCCA Time Trials. His vinyl graphics are second to none, and we all know that each sticker adds 5hp. Erron’s a racer, so he gets it. Send him any format of image you’ve got, and he’ll send you back high quality vinyl to make your race car
    look like a million bucks.
  • Taylor Race Engineering (Scott Young) – I called up Taylor a few weeks ago to order a set of lightened CV joints. Scotty remembered who I was after two years, and immediately began cracking jokes. Despite being an infrequent customer (since the parts are great), it felt pretty good to have Scotty remember after such a long time.
  • The Shock Shop (Chris Billings) – Chris is now two for two in really transforming the behavior and grip of my car on track. He answers all of the wide-ranging suspension
    related e-mails I send him with thought and good humor. His services are worth it.
  • Williams Racing Developments (Lee Williams) – Early in this year, when I was thrashing to try to get my car together in time for Laguna Seca, Lee and Heather were on the
    ball to help me in my scramble. Other things kept me out of the game, but Lee’s been friendly every time I’ve called.
  • Veracity Racing Data – (David and Ellen Ferguson) – The Fergusons are another example of great folks to work with. They know their products inside and out, and as with many of these other folks, have always fielded my questions and sent me on my way with what I needed. If you need dash/datalogging and other related equipment, they should be
    your primary contact.