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:. The Cars .:

there are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.

   --Ernest Hemingway

Racing is life. All else is just waiting

   --Steve McQueen

The Cars. You have to spend it on something, right?

2012 Stohr F1000
Having had wonderful success and quite a ride with the DSR, it was a tough decision to sell it, but the draw of lower cost, more reliable engines, and most of all, more competition was too much to ignore.

I'll be running the F1000 in the F1000 Pro Series on the west coast, and I can't wait to take the next step!
1999 Radical Prosport
With a bit of luck, and being in the right place at the right time, I managed to pick up an older Radical Prosport, with the goal of fixing back up, and perhaps running some enduros with. Perhaps it may even provide a source of occasional income if some friends of mine would like an occasional rental.

Either way, it'll be fun to dive back into fixing up a car, and a good ol' car like a Radical. Since this is a forgotten car being brought back to life, I'll dub it "Lazarus."

[Sold Vehicles]
2002 Stohr DSR
Having developed the Radical to near the extent of its capabilities, I decided to move up to the Stohr. It is about 200# lighter than the Radical, equivalent horsepower, and truly significant downforce from its body and tunnel floor. I can't wait!
  • As with the Radical, commentary of what it's like owning this bike powered rocket
  • In-car videos
  • Race logs and setup reports
August 2008 - My 2000 Radical Prosport
Although selling the 'vette was hard, this should be the machine that finally lets me race as much as I want to, without the worries of cost and danger that being in a big street car had.

Weighing in at a little under 900lbs, with a 1000cc R1 powerplant, this rocket turns, goes, and stops like you cannot believe. Let's go racing!

May 2008 - My 300ZX TT
For several months now, I've been dreaming of owning a nice Grand Tourer to take on trips. Go to the Pacific Coast Highway in Calfornia, or the Canadian Rockies, or the Smokey Mountains of the south. This car touches on some deep nostalgia for me, and should provide some of that same contented satisfaction that the Corvette did before it became a race car. For the first time, I'll have a street car that doesn't have to do double-duty as a racer, so this car should be a happy, peaceful vehicle to own...that happens to have nearly 500rwhp. A chronicle of its updates, fixes, and modifications are inside.

October 2004 - My 1997 Z51 Corvette
A car I'm still enamored with, even having sold it. A finer road car, I've never owned.

Whereas the GSX was about going as fast as possible, for the least-amount of money spent, the vette was all about building a car I enjoy. After all, that is why the Eclipse died - because I no longer enjoyed driving it.

It worked too - even as a full-on autocross car that was nationally competitive, I still grinned like a 10-year old every time I turned the key. Unfortunately, it became a bit too expensive to race, a bit too uncomfortable for the street, and not nearly as fun as the Radical.

These days, it's doing duty with a good friend, capturing 1000 point Solos, and shooting for a national championship!
  • Similar content to the DSM Pages, plus LOTS of in-car videos from my racing
  • C5 parts/info FAQ (~60% complete, and roughly up-to-date as of 2005.02.15

April 2006 - My 1991 MR2 Turbo
Driving a '92 Civic LX on the street was just too boring. This is the chronicle of my 91 MR2 Turbo, which I bought without a particular plan. As it turns out, its purpose was to raise money for my 300ZX TT. Here is how its brief 2-month time with me went.
  • Rebirth Updates after sitting for 3 years, including new engine
  • Mod path continuation from where the car started when I bought it...

April 2003 - My 1990 Eclipse GSX Race Car
My first project car ever, these pages now a memorial to the great (if fragile) machine it was. I'm getting choked up.
  • Many project writeups in the projects section
  • racing diary entries
  • some useful automotive calculators (1/4 mile)
  • witty commentary from your gracious host