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Winter 2013 Update

Plenty, as it turns out. Since our last entry, we have:

Racing Backlog

  • The final F1000 Pro series event at Miller Motorsports Park. It was a THRILLING weekend, with some great racing between the three Stohrs of me, Lucian Pancea, and Jose Gerardo.
  • the SCCA Runoffs was in September, and it appears that my Runoffs luck has finally run out, as it was a pretty miserable week.

Winter Development
But, now it means that it’s time for winter development. So, what’s in store for 2014 to see if we can get the car on pace?

  • New Floor/Diffuser – With my factory Stohr floor being essentially destroyed at the Runoffs, thanks to Captain Asshole in the FA (hit me in the Kink at Road America),
    it is time to start fresh on the floor/diffuser. The performance of the BRD diffuser was such a transformative change at the Runoffs, that I will be continuing with that next year.

  • Chassis Stiffness – Our measurements of the Stohr’s chassis stiffness showed that the car’s torsional stiffness is not even half of the approximately ~4000lb-ft/degree number that is
    a common target for cars of this size and type. As such, we’re going to be looking into stiffening the car’s chassis significantly. The factory spar was the weakest point,
    followed by the cockpit, then the engine bay, so that is where we will be focusing our efforts.

    A little bit of FEA, and some common techniques,
    such as putting a bonded belly pan on the bottom should help us get closer to that 4,000 target. We will see.

  • Kawi Konversion – Owing to the increasing rarity of the K8 Suzukis, I’ve decided to make the transition over to the Kawi, and see if the extra top-end power will
    provide a benefit for the car. I will be using Jesse Brittsan’s proven BRD Dry Sump system to keep the engine happy, and since the
    rear of the car has the BRD Chromoly Spar on it already, Jesse will simply weld on the Kawi engine mounts, to simplify the engine installation.

  • New Rear Endplates – Since my flexi-Stohr endplates finally failed for good at the Runoffs this year, I need to get some replacement endplates. Once again, I’m turning to
    Jesse Brittsan at BRD for some new endplates, since the pieces on Rod Rice’s car, in use with his BRD body kit, seem to be very nice, and importantly, stiff/strong.

  • Tripod Axles – With the Kawi being about 20# heavier than the Suzuki, and the chassis stiffness changes set to add 15-20#, I will definitely be looking to save some weight. One
    way to do this is with the small DSR-sized tripod axles. By eliminating the heavy CV joints, you are left with essentially just the weight of the axles themselves, thus saving approximately
    15# back out of the car.

    At the Runoffs, I was ballasting about 10# to make sure I would make weight, but with adding the Kawi, reinstallation of the dry sump, adding of tubes, I will no longer be all
    that near minimum weight moving forward, without additional weight-savings measures.

  • New Sidepods – Probably won’t be any budget left for this, but if possible, I’d like to take advantage of the new sidepod shape that Stohr developed based on our
    development suggestions.

Months of Updates

It’s been an odd few months. After are Pueblo race, we’ve had a slew of race cancellations.

The Hastings race, to be held the week after Pueblo, was cancelled due to low entry count, as was the race at Miller Motorsports Park a few weeks after that.

Pikes Peak International raceway, having recently been reopened, was evaluated for running our September event, but had some safety issues in need of addressing. La Junta’s re-laid asphalt was reevaluated, but also deemed unfit for racing.

So, I find myself not having missed a single race, despite making some repairs to the Radical, and ultimately selling it to Mark Baer at SCR Performance.

Race Log Update

As mentioned, we’ve had only one race in this entire 3 month period, which was our
Pueblo July Regional.

Of particular note is some truly fun video of the first few laps of the race behind Pat, and some oil-trace pictures courtesy of Pat’s engine kerblammo.


Final Updates

Pueblo’s race exposed a few problems with the Radical, which I’ve rectified before sending the car off to Mark.

The first is the fuel starvation problem that was manifesting itself. Since I had to replace the fuel cell anyway due to the bulkhead failure, I bought a new cell from Fuel Safe. They were kind enough to do it for me at their cost, despite the failure clearly being my fault. They really turned over a new leaf in terms of customer service, and the help and responsiveness I got from Gary at Fuel Safe was tremendous. Gary, many thanks, once again!

As an amusing aside, they may use my car in their 2009 catalog, which would be really fun to see. Here’s hoping.

At any rate, the new cell I had them build with proper return lines, and without a collector. Instead, I installed a fuel pot from Rilltech. A factory Suzuki pump lives in this pot,
and a small scavenge pump keeps the pot full, and fuel circulating, negating the need for an in-tank collector.

Mark will shake this down with the Radical next time it’s out, but I do not anticipate any recurring problems.