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:. Racing .:. "Miss Liberty" N/N

Abort, Retry, Fail.

After a superlative, educational, exciting, and amazing June Sprints, the Miss Liberty N/N at High Plains was almost always going to be a bit of a letdown. Sure enough, it, uh, succeeded in doing just that, so this will be perhaps a most brief of writeups.

In all, it was a pretty forgettable weekend. Paul Leonard was there briefly in his Radical, but packed up on Saturday after his engine developed a miss. This turned out to be clogged fuel injectors, which Rilltech helped him diagnose a bit later.

Saturday's race was therefore pretty lonely, with just me in DSR, next to Russ Lindemann in his FM in P2. I ran away quickly and just ticked off the laps. The weather was too warm for any significant laptime improvements, the car was handling only reasonably well, and running just the short course meant that it was just a matter of finishing the race to get my points. The one upside, by finishing, I was now qualified for Runoffs, another milestone met.

Sunday we were able to run the full course due to having a few more workers arrive and register. In qualifying I was near my previous bests, in the 41's, as before. However, after qualifying, I noticed a large crack in my RF brake rotor. My spares/floaters still being in Fort Collins, and with no competition to run against, we just said "ah screw it", packed up, and went home.

The only interesting tidbit to come out of the weekend is that I seriously began left-foot braking for the first time, running both Sunday sessions exclusively with my left foot. For the moment, it appears still to be costing a bit of time, as the amount of concentration required to teach my stupid left foot how to brake properly is distracting from driving hard, and completely at the limit. As well, shifting is not completely automatic. However, it's progress, and perhaps as sessions go on, I'll continue to improve with the left foot until it's as subconscious as the right.

So, with that completely underwhelming weekend behind us, it was time to pull off the body, shocks, diff, engine, and start with the weight reduction program. On to Miller!
The Full Race, Sunday (WMV Format, 1.4GB)

First few Laps of Sunday (YouTube)